Monday, February 06, 2006

The Last Time I. . .

was at the beach: January 1st

left the house without making the bed: January 31st

slept later than I meant to: this morning

smoked a cigarette: January 6th (I had previously been on quite the streak dating back to Thanksgiving, but I hit a bit of an emotional rough patch.)

filled up my gas tank: January 14th

visited the Emergency Room: February 3rd

said I would do something and then didn't do it: um, I think never

had a hangover: December 11th

consulted the tarot cards: February 5th

listened to the same CD more than 5 times in a row: right now (The Be Good Tanyas, Blue Horse)

listened to the same song more than 10 times in a row: January 5th (Jeff Buckley's cover of Nina Simone's "If You Knew.")

pretended not to be angry when really I was: February 4th

ate meat: Christmas

dreamt about sharks or tornadoes: it's been a month or two, thank god

checked Ellen's blog in the hopes that she might have posted something since freakin' November 22nd: February 2nd

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