Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Can't Be Good

I keep having this dream in which I am very meticulously removing slivers of glass -- I mean little tiny slivers -- from my feet with tweezers as I weep in pain. In the dream the soles of my feet are covered with these slivers of glass and I feel like I will never get them all out no matter how long I tweeze. Then (thankfully) I wake up and pet the cat, who is (as always) curled around my head, and I discover that my feet are sliver-free.

Unfortunately, this is not covered in my dream interpretation book, so I'm not entirely clear on what it means. I'm pretty sure it's bad though.


Rumour said...

Your feet of course symbolize transportation an ability to get away, the tiny shards of unremovable glass symbolize the tiny things that are holding you back from moving forward,causing pain.

Brian said...

Dr. Phil? Is that you again?

Of course, your mind could just be reminding you of the fact that you're a wuss, and scared of sharp objects.

Noonan said...

OR just get some more flip flops (I believe the answer is always to buy more shoes)!