Thursday, December 22, 2005

David's Wedding

My cousin David got married to his long-time girlfriend Mary a few weekends ago, so the entire clan made the road trip to Greensboro and spent some quality time together. The northern and southern portions of the clan hadn't seen each other in almost ten years, so it was very nice to catch up with cousins, especially our super-fun cousin Kate. The extended family was the last to leave the reception (imagine that), and then we closed down the hotel bar. (Many thanks to my dad for picking up everyone's bar tab!) Kate was in big trouble with her husband for behaving badly, but for the record I thought she was pretty fun. And she was probably in better shape than my sister Laura, who -- while getting ready for bed -- tripped over her own pants, fell down and hit her head, and now requires a CAT-Scan to ensure that she's done no permanent damage.

The only permanent damage I did was to my digital camera, which I dropped at the reception. I took it to a camera shop to see if it could be repaired and they just laughed at me, so it looks like I'll be buying myself a new camera for Christmas. In the meantime, here are the pictures that survived:

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