Saturday, March 18, 2006

Color Me Happy

Yesterday I discovered yet another reason I love living where I do: The Greening of Ghent, a St. Patrick’s Day block party held on the main drag of my very very cool neighborhood (Ghent). The local business association closed several blocks of the street to traffic, set up beer tents, and brought in a few bands. So we (we being Dave and I) pretty much walked downstairs out of my place to the corner and bought a beer at the nearest beer tent (technically Dave bought the beer -- I just drank it). When we had to pee we walked back around the corner to my place, at which point a revelation struck us: we don’t need to wait in line to buy beer -- we can just pour the beer from my fridge into our “Greening of Ghent” plastic beer cups and walk back downstairs. Dave thinks they should do this every Friday.

Have I mentioned how much I love it here?

PS okay, to be honest our beer cups said “Fraim for Mayor” but no one I know is voting for Fraim so allow me a little poetic license here.

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