Friday, March 31, 2006

Does Anyone Else Smell Bacon?

Dear Officer Reese,

Were you smoking crack when you left this on my windshield yesterday?

I only ask this because, well, my vehicle's not abandoned. I simply parked it overnight on the street outside my house. See, I live in the city and, like many of my neighbors, I don't have a garage or a driveway. So what we city-folk do is park on the street. It's perfectly legal, except on the first Wednesday of every month between 9 and 10 am. That's when they clean the street.

I can see how you might have thought my almost-new car with the sunroof and the leather interior was abandoned if it had been parked in the same place for over four days. You know, like your silly notice says it has to be if you're going to fill out the silly notice. But, as you can see, my car has only been parked there since 3/30/06, which was the same day you left this for me.

Perhaps it was my expired state license that led you to believe the vehicle was abadoned. I could buy into that, but the thing is my tags aren't expired. They expire 12/06, just like my inspection.

So, Officer Reese, I hope you're not serious about towing my car on April 3rd. Because that's really gonna piss me off. . .


Brian said...

Is it just my computer, or did you take a really fuzzy picture of this silly notice?

Megan said...

I scanned it, but it's too small here to see it very well. Plus your monitor sucks.