Sunday, March 19, 2006

I (Secretly) Heart Hair Metal

Attention Steve: Did you have to give lend me this "Monsters of Rock" CD? I mean, it seemed like a nice gesture at the time, but that was two weeks ago and the novelty just won't wear off. I could be listening to all kinds of good music, but no, here I sit with "Cum on Feel the Noise" on repeat.

For the love of god, I'm a feminist! With fairly good taste in music!

And attention Razor & Tie Records: Why doesn't this particular compilation include "Kiss Me Deadly"?! What, Lita Ford isn't a monster of rock? Just because she's a woman?

Is there a hair metal fans anonymous? Because I might need that.


Brian said...

Dude, do you remember the 80's?! Cause I don't and I know they totally sucked ass! I might need to have a talk with this Steve character, despite what he may think about my blog (though, it's taken a slight change in direction as of late)

Steve said...

For the record, I did not "give" you the CD. I loaned you a copy of the Monsters of Rock CD from one of my 15 year old world history students. His name is, wait for it, Joey. Exposing you to, or giving you the chance to listen to said CD would be more appropriate. You make it sound like I stayed up all night making you a mix CD/tape so that there would be suitable background noise in the Camaro during a snogging session.