Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now That's What I Call Gettin' Some Pi

This video has been occupying almost as much of my after-school time as the "Lazy Sunday" video did last winter. No backstory, just click play. . .


digsite said...

hmm... am I a geek for actually liking that video? LOL!

lulu said...

DOes the National Endowment for the Arts or whoever funded that know that their money was spend on drugs?

Brian said...

Seriously. Drop acid much?

eileen said...

That was the creepiest math video I've ever seen.
Make that the only math video I've ever seen.
But it's still uber-creepy.

Megan said...

Did no one pick up on the bit about "I did three chicks. . ."?! This ain't no math video!

lulu said...

I figured it out right after I posted that, but I thought I would just leave my comment alone.

Laura said...

Dude, that video was so not about math! Gotta love how they use little kids...

Brian said...

I couldn't watch most of it; WAY too trippy, and not in a good way. I mean, we both know I'm all about some trippy-ass shit, but this was like really-bad-batch trippy. Bad. Really bad.

Dale said...

I may never recover from this. Kate Bush had a 'Pi' song on her recent overblown CD. Has she been asking you for song ideas?

Megan said...

For an overblown CD? I think not! :-)

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

hilarious. i'll never be the same watching ZOOM again. seriously.

and yes, i watch ZOOM occasionally. what of it?

Megan said...

DGMGV - I guaran-damn-tee you that you are the only one who caught the ZOOM reference. Bonus points!

Jerry said...

Was that a real kid video? Certainly not with the word shit in it, let alone the content of the lyrics themselves. Below are the lyrics, follow along while you listen the the audio.

When ink and pen in hands of men
inscribed your form, bipedal P
They draw an altar on which
God has slaughtered all stability
No eyes could ever soak in all the places you anoint
And yet to see you all at once we only need the point
Flirting with infinity
O geometric progeny
That fit inside you, oh, so tight
with triangles that feel so right


Your ever-constant harmony says flaw is discipline
The patron saint of imperfection frees us from our sin
And if our transcendental lift should find a final floor
Then man will know the death of God where wonder was before

Yeah, I know this math shit backwards and forwards
Check it out

Bip bi-di-di
I did 3 chicks then I pointed at the door
A girl entered in so that made it 4
I snapped one time in came another 5
Add 'em all up and that makes 9
The average age 26.5
Now that's what I call gettin' some pi
5 of the chicks wore 6-inch heels
2 of the 9 squealed like seals
514 was the area code
Quebec, Canada my winter abode
And my 1.3 million dollar chalet
Pi backwards, pi forwards, all night and all day