Thursday, February 08, 2007

And You Don't Wanna Mess With Those Goons

If you're looking for something to do on Friday night, why not roll up to Rocky's party?

Of course, if you're the type (as so many are these days) to drag your beef and/or your drama around with you from party to party, you'd best make other Friday night plans. I don't think Rocky's goons are gonna be havin' any of that shit.

You know, I've thrown my fair share of parties. In fact, when I first began teaching, back when I was young and fun, I lived with two other young and fun female colleagues in a house the rest of the faculty -- including our principal -- referred to as "the sorority house" despite the fact that none of had ever even been NEAR a sorority. We threw kick-ass parties, and we often distributed witty little flyers* describing just how kick-ass our parties would be. Never once did we feel the need to admonish our friends to leave the beef/drama at home, yet almost every flyer I find lying around school contains such a warning.

What the hell? Is there some sort of beef/drama epidemic among teenagers today? And really, if you're bound and determined to bring your beef to the party, are you gonna let a bunch of goons stand in your way. Even if they ARE in there tight?

*Can you believe the OED is silent on the subject of flyer vs. flier?!


wonderturtle said...

I too lived in a house with two of my female colleagues that people referred to as the sorority house even though only one of us had been in a sorority and we mocked her for it endlessly!


lulu said...

No one would think of bringing their beef to your house, because they all know you don't eat meat.

Chris said...

I like beef. Can I still go?

Melissa said...

I can attest to the fact that there IS a beef/drama epidemic among teenagers - I have it screamed into my ears and shoved into my face every damn morning on the subway. A couple of weeks ago, while walking home on a Saturday evening from yoga, I actually had to call the cops because an entire group of teenage girls was beating the shit out of another girl. I wish I were kidding.

vikkitikkitavi said...

RE: Beef

Thank you, Megan, for the authentic youth slang, which I will now appropriate into my own speech in an attempt to appear either 1) hip, or 2) too ironic to care about being hip. Your choice.

Grant Miller said...

Beef? What is it?

Anonymous said...

I'm just shocked o'er the OED!! I mean, what the hell??

let's face it, when teens create monuments to themselves on MySpace that are larger than presidential libraries, there's GONNA be beef.

My fav? One of the biggest fuckin' whiners in my class walks in with a teeshirt that says "save the drama for your mama."

Talk 'bout the pot callin' the kettle black!! (or don't we USE that word during BHM??)

Dave said...

Grant- It's what's for dinner.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend from India who doesn't eat beef. Maybe Rocky is Indian.

Also, what is with the Rorschach blob??? Teens today do strange things at their parties in their buildings.

Megan said...

WT - We were separated at birth, I think.

Lu - Yes, it's common courtesy to leave the beef at home.

Chris - No.

Melissa - I think the beef/drama epidemic is particularly prevalent among the ladies. Weird.

Vikki - I'm going with "too ironic to care about being hip." That's how I use all the kids' slang.

Grant - Poor lil' cows.

Orange - As if their mamas want to deal with any drama!

Dave - Good one! :-)

Amy - I believe the Rorschach blob is a picture of Rocky. Who might very well cut me if she knew I was making fun of her.

Unclejbird said...

Question is: Does Rocky know Omar?

lulu said...

Megan--you and wonderturtle may very well be separated at birth, only she is significantly taller and has straight hair. I've already done the romantic matchmaking for you, but I think I need to do the friend matchmaking too, because you two would love each other.