Monday, June 26, 2006

It's The New Counting Sheep

If you, like me, are prone to both insomnia and obsessive thoughts (coupled, of course, with compulsive behaviors), it is not a good idea to search the National Sex Offender Public Registry for nearby sex offenders just before going to bed. Because you will find them. 73 of them, in fact. And then you will lie awake for most of the night thinking about the bad things they did and wondering whether the doors were really locked the last time you got up to make sure the doors were still locked.


lulu said...

Oh dear, I think I am going to leave that website unexplored. I freaked myself enough looking at the block by block list of polices calls. When you live on a block that only has 2 apartment buildings on it, it is disturbing to find out that there have been numerous residencial break-ins and a criminal sexual assult in the past few months.

Brian said...

Not to mention all the sex offenders that aren't registered.

Megan said...

Thanks, guys, I'm sure I'll sleep much better tonight.