Sunday, June 04, 2006

People With Whom I Am Currently Irritated

My department chair: Months ago I asked you if I could teach something next year that I'd taught before (US Government -- my passion -- or US History) in addition to what I'm currently teaching (Human Geography) so that I could have at least one period a day where I felt like I knew what the hell I was doing. Instead, you have me teaching World History, a subject I've never taught before. You've made my job harder, not easier.

A cute guy at the grocery store: I thought you were attractive until I noticed you were wearing a Bush-Cheney t-shirt. Are you serious with yourself? There are like ten people on the planet who still like Bush, Inc. enough to admit it, and you're wearing their fucking t-shirt?! In this town?

That guy at the beach today who warned his family to "watch out for the faggots": Are you aware that the f-word is akin to the n-word? Or that just because men are flamboyant doesn't mean they're gay? Or that you're teaching your children to hate people based solely on their sexual orientation? Or that homosexuality is not a communicable disease?

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