Saturday, June 24, 2006


I just read my horoscope for the day, which said:

"You're usually even-steven. (yes) Today, there's a temptation to inappropriately vent stress and mistakenly call it 'passion' when it should be called 'temper tantrum.' (huh? I've been on vacation for over a week, so I'm pretty not-stressed. Plus I'm not really the temper tantrum type) You can avoid frustration through exercise." (uh-oh)

I totally fucked that one up. I woke up at 1:26 pm and languished in bed for another half an hour (it was raining, which for some reason always frees me of any obligation to be productive. Plus I'd already slept till 1:30 in the afternoon!). Then I spent pretty much the rest of the day lying on the couch reading. The closest I came to exercising was walking down a flight of stairs to take the trash out. I felt exactly zero temptation to throw a temper tantrum.

Shows how much you know, Holiday Mathis (the horoscope lady).

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