Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jumping On The Bacon Bandwagon

Much has been made of the blogging phenomenon -- how it's opened up a whole new dimension of social discourse and how, as Andrew Sullivan writes in Wired, it's "changing the media world and could. . .foment a revolution in how journalism functions in our culture."

Which is all true. But what seems to be overlooked in these discussions is that an awful lot of the blogging that goes on is actually about bacon. Bloggers worldwide (or at least a handful of the bloggers I know) ADORE bacon, and they tell you so on a fairly regular basis. Whether it's a simple declaration of love, an odd homage to cats and bacon, or elaborate plans to combine bacon with things bacon should never be combined with, bacon gets a lot of press.

And as a vegetarian, I often feel left out of all the bacon-related fun. Until now.

buy it here!

Don't even tell me there's gelatin in there.


lulu said...

But it's strawberry flavored, not bacon flavored....why would you want strawberry bacon?

Brian said...

And it's not even bacon. It's not even tofu bacon, which brings me to...what the hell is the point of trying to fake bacon? Just eat the damn bacon.

Phil said...

I do appreciate the Bacon Viewing Window provided. That why, you can, you know... Look at it, I guess.

Megan said...

Lulu - Bacon-flavored gummy bacon would probably be a lot grosser.

Brian - Some of us have principles. Plus, tofu bacon (called tempeh) is actually pretty tasty on a fake BLT.

Phil - So you can tell if you're getting the fatty kind of gummy bacon or the meaty kind. It's an important consideration.

Brian said...


Chris said...

Glad to know you've jumped on the bacon bandwagon (sort of). There may be hope for you yet!

Coaster Punchman said...

I'll eat anything in the Gummi variety. Or bacon.

Grant Miller said...

Go Veg!

Megan said...

Chris - You're the one whose eternal soul is in danger. It'd serve you right to come back as a tasty little pig.

CP - But both?! Ewwwwww.

Grant - Word.