Monday, October 30, 2006


In the week leading up to Halloween I've broken two wine glasses (yes, the expensive ones), a bottle of perfume, a pasta bowl, and a dinner plate. Additionally, a black cat has crossed my path roughly 8012 times, mostly because she lives with me.

And don't bother to check in for the next few days -- I'm gonna be busy communing with the spirit world and/or worshipping Satan. It's what we Celts do on Samhain.

Didn't know I was into the pagan shit, did ya?


Chris said...

You truly are full of surprises. Do you consider yourself a neopagan? Sounds hauntingly like a neoconservative.

Brian said...

I'll see you at Satan's Halloween bash. I hear it's going to be off the chain. Fo' shizzle.

Megan said...

Chris - I've made no secret of my nature-worshipping proclivities, but technically I don't consider myself any kind of pagan at all. And I'm putting a hex on you for even implying I might be a neocon.

Brian - Mos def.

IAMRONIN said...

How do you really feel about data? And, I have a list of about 37 people I would like you to put a hex on. What do you charge?

Maritza said...

I knew it! That whole "land use logging rights" stuff is just a cover for your pagan/wicca activities. You're probably a closet Republican, too.

Phil said...

Much like the Velvet Mafia of gay Republicans, there is also a Mulch Mafia of pagan leaning Republicans? We just aren't looking deeply enough.