Wednesday, October 18, 2006

T-Shirts I've Recently Seen On Students

My personal favorite. . .

(This seems to have replaced last year's ubiquitous "stop snitching" t-shirt. Same basic sentiment.)

Also seen and noted. . .

"Hotter than your girlfriend"
(And chances are she wasn't.)

"Kiss my bocce balls"
(His teacher came over to ask me, "Does that mean what I think it means?" Answer: yes.)

"Norfolk is for hustlers"
(I see this one a lot. On fluffy-haired white boys. And I'd really like to know what it is that hustlers find so appealing about Norfolk.)

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was smart like me?"
(I might need this one.)

And a bonus booty sighting. . .

You know those shorts and track pants that say something across the ass? The other day I was walking up the stairs behind a young lady wearing a pair of those (with a matching hoodie, of course). On one cheek it said "heav" and on the other cheek it said "enly." For an overall impression of "heavenly." And, just to be clear, it said this on her ass.


Chris said...

I have a pair of those "heavenly" sweatpants and I'm not lying when I tell you they speak the truth!

lulu said...

Maybe you ought to give us a visual Chris.

Chris said...

Open at your own risk! Careful that you don't get drool on your keyboards!

Brian said...

It's funny that girls feel like they need to draw more attention to their asses by wearing those damn shorts and what not with stupid shit written on them. I mean, let's get real here, we're already looking there anyhow.

It's sad though, because that ass may have, in fact, been one degree or another of heavenly, but as soon as you put "heavenly" on it, it just becomes trampy.

Grant Miller said...

It must be difficult to be a hustler in Norfolk.

IAMRONIN said...

How do I create a blogroll?