Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Response To A Letter To The Editor, Vol. IX

To the Editor:

Personal trainers are the folks you pay to get you in shape, keep you on track and help prolong your life. They are in the service industry just like waitresses and bartenders, but we don't think to tip them at this time of year.

So in the spirit of giving this season, surprise your personal trainer with a tip (usually a week's pay) and make their day. I will.

--Cindy, Virginia Beach

To Cindy:

Thanks for the great idea!

I was going to suggest that in the spirit of giving this season, folks with extra cash -- you know, the kind of folks who can afford something as decadently asinine as a personal trainer-- donate to a worthy cause. I'm partial to America's Second Harvest and Heifer International, although if I spend too much time with my mom I'll also write an occasional check to the Alzheimer's Association out of sheer desperation. These organizations, along with many others, are working hard to alleviate all sorts of suffering.

But you know what they're not doing? Keeping my ass in shape.

That's why I'm glad you have a better handle on this whole "spirit of giving" thing than I do. While I would have urged people to celebrate Christmas by trying to eradicate hunger, you've reminded us of the spiritual benefits associated with tipping the guy who helps us lose weight.

I do have a question though: is one week's pay enough? Wouldn't two weeks' pay be more generous and therefore MUCH more Christmas-y? Think about it.

--Megan, Norfolk


Grant Miller said...

Thank you Megan from Norfolk. My wife and I were just discussing this. When we were kids, our folks never gave Xmas gifts to teachers etc. Now, we feel obligated. I don't mind. They deserve it and I love our kids teachers, but something has changed. We're both at a loss.

Grant in St. Charles

wonderturtle said...

HA! Fantastic.

Megan said...

Grant - As a teacher, I can assure you that while a week's pay would make a nice Christmas gift, I'd much rather receive a heartfelt note about how much you or your kid appreciates what I do. For real.

WT - Thanks!

Big Orange said...

one week of THEIR pay equivalent or OUR pay?? I'll gladly take either, livin' down here with 2 special needs kids paycheck-2-paycheck... I'm serious! It'll beat hell out of going to the Salvation Army and saying, "help, I can't afford presents for my children AND ramen noodles for dinner."

::burp:: I'm sorry, was that sarcastic? I've been drinking, you know... I'm on Christmas break, now...

lulu said...

I'd rather have the money than the note. I'd use it to buy another stapler for my classroom.

Chris said...

Just because you maintain rock-hard abs and buns of steel with minimal effort, don't punish the poor, starving personal trainers of the world. For god's sake, have a heart!

Phil said...

Let's hope that personal trainer contributes to some worthy causes.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Dear Cindy,

Are you a personal trainer? I thought so. Look, although there are many fine, thoughtful people who employ the services of PTs, you have to admit that mostly you are hired by self-obsessed jerks. So good luck with the whole convincing them to be generous thing.

Melissa said...

Did you read this?

Melissa said...

Sorry, I couldn't make it a link. This is the rest of the site address: pagewanted=2&ref=fashion

Coaster Punchman said...

I think tipping your lawyer would be money better spent. You never know when you might need your ass bailed out of jail at 3:00 am.