Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've Always Wondered What To Serve With Chicken Noodle Soup

At the beginning of every school year I have a conversation with my students about what kind of environment they learn best in and what they need from me in order to learn. Inevitably, the kids mention something about liking to listen to music while they work, which is good since I myself can barely function without music. So whenever the kids work on something in class -- like a map, for example -- we have music playing in the background. Sometimes we listen to my music (lately it's been last month's Paste CD sampler) and sometimes we listen to theirs. I reserve the right to veto anything I don't like.

Recently I vetoed one of their favorite songs: "Chicken Noodle Soup." If you work with teenagers or have a thing for horrible music, you've probably already heard the chicken noodle soup song. If not, you'll need to listen below before we continue.

Alrighty then. So you can see why I vetoed it.

"This is awful!" I said as I watched my kids dance in their seats. "It doesn't even make any sense." "Naw," one of my kids disagreed, "it's about when you're sick and you eat chicken noodle soup. With, like, a ginger ale. Makes you feel better." "Well, what's up with the crap about 'let it rain. . .and clear it out' then?" I asked, making rain motions with my hands. My kids just shrugged and kept on chicken noodle souping.

So now I guess I have to do a whole lesson about minstrel rap, which I guaran-damn-tee you will not be on the state exam at the end of the year. But still. It's my duty as an educator, right?

Right. So let it rain. And clear it out. And then maybe break out your old Tribe Called Quest records.


vikkitikkitavi said...

How would I know what the kids are listening to these days if I didn't come here?

Melissa said...

I second vikkitikkitavi and also - I don't get it. Maybe we really ARE getting old?

Big Orange said...

WHAT?!?! you're going to even TALK about something that isn't assessed on the end-o'-year test? I"m tellin the Standards Police on you!!

blueblanket said...

Aw great -- now I'm going to have the chicken soup song stuck in my head! AARRRHHH!!

Grant Miller said...

I don't like it. Maybe it's because I'm vegetarian.

Megan said...

Vikki - But really, this is knowledge you could totally do without.

Melissa - Speak for yourself, girl!

Orange - Ooooh, maybe they'll fire me. . .

Blue Blanket - Try hearing it EVERY day!

Grant - Or because it's terrible.