Friday, December 22, 2006

Gifts I Received From Students

Most high school students do not give Christmas gifts to their teachers, and my students are no exception. There are, however, always a few kids (usually girls) who do. Yesterday I received some baked goods and a number cards with sweet little notes in them. One of the cards, from three girls I taught last year, came taped to an envelope that was too small for it and included this PS: "A riddle: How many blondes does it take to buy an envelope big enough for the card?" More than three, I guess. Anyway, two other girls from last year gave me a tote bag ("for carrying around those papers you never grade") they'd decorated with postcards from their travels ("hope it shows your Geo pride! The Amish and whatnot are cultural!").

In addition to that stuff, I also received this

and this

and my personal favorite. . .

a crazy cat lady action figure! Which, you'll note, comes with six cats, not including the cats hiding in her coat.

Have I mentioned I love my kids?


lulu said...

I got a bunch of cards and a box of Ferrero Rocher.

wonderturtle said...

They obviously love you too!

Anonymous said...

daaaamn! all I got was coffee mugs!!

Actually I got a mug with embossed exclamation points all 'round the top which I am immediately fond of.

Ed_Thoughts said...

I know that this reply comes way after the original post, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this one. I came across it as I was writing my own similar post.