Monday, December 11, 2006

MySpace, Revisited

My students, as you may recall, like to make fun of me for A) having a cat, B) not having a MySpace, and C) thinking reading's cool. One class in particular makes daily jokes about my presumed status as a crazy cat lady, and has even gone so far as to decorate the class tissue box with cat-related grafitti.

This morning we had the following conversation while cramming for an impending quiz:

Kid 1: What'd you do this weekend? Read?

(collective laughter)

Me: Um, I read the newspaper. And some websites.

Kid 2: Like what?

Me: Oh, I was all UP in some MySpace this weekend!

Kid 1: You on MySpace now?

Me: No. I was kidding.

Kid 2: You need to get a MySpace!

Me: (for like the eighty-twelfth time) Why?

Kids 1, 3, 4, 5, & 6: So you can meet a man!

Kid 2: (quietly) Instead of a cat.

(collective laughter)

Me: Maybe I already met a man. Did you ever think of that?

Class: Whoa! DID you already meet a man?!

Me: I'm just sayin' it's a possibility.

Kid 1: See, if you were on MySpace everybody would KNOW you met a man.

Me: How would they know?

Kid 2: 'Cause you'd have pictures up there of you, like, kissin' him and stuff.
Actually, I wouldn't. Here, however, is a picture of me kissing my cat.

Admittedly, a man would probably be a bit more receptive to my kisses. But I'd have to feed him more often.


Elizabeth said...

Men may come and go, but kitties are forever.

lulu said...

You do realize that they will torment you forever about this man you may or may not have met.

And just out of curiousity, is that a pearl bracelet you're wearing?

Megan said...

Elizabeth - I do love my kitty!

Lulu - These kids are so focused on jokes about my cat that I think they forgot all about the possibility of my meeting a man.

Pearls?! No WAY! The bracelet is silver beads -- a carryover from my brief yuppie period.

Chris said...

That cat looks petrified. Did you forget to brush or something?

I think you need a minimum of six cats before you can be classified as a crazy cat-lady. You're safe (for now).

vikkitikkitavi said...

Everyone's saying "crazy cat lady" like that's a negative thing.

Grant said...

Cute picture. I like to read the newspaper, books and MySpace actually.

But the kid who said "'(Quietly) Instead of a cat.'" decent timing for a high schooler.

Anonymous said...

don't forget, most men won't poop in a box or eat cheap tuna no matter HOW much y'all might lurve 'em.

My kids (5th grade) always ask me the same thing-- "Orange, when you gonna get yo'self a MySpace page?" for the same reasons-- so they can IM me and all that stuff. "what, like I don't talk to you enough ALREADY?"


Anonymous said...

come to thunk about it, why the hell are they so hot to trot that you find yourself male companionship? That worries me. HOW old are your students??

Anonymous said...

OH, you AND your cat AND your avitar are all real good lookin'!!!

Megan said...

Chris - OCD, remember? I NEVER forget to brush. The cat is pissed because she hates to be picked up.

Vikki - Maybe I should embrace the crazy cat lady thing?

Grant - MySpace. . .I just don't get it. Plus the last thing I need is my students all up in my make-out photos. And yeah, some of these kids are pretty damn funny.

Orange - Fifth graders are on MySpace?! My kids are 10th graders, so 15 or 16. They probably only care about male companionship because it's one more thing to make fun of me about. If I suddenly announced that I met a man on the internet they'd make fun of that too. And thanks for the compliments!

Mombi said...

Seriously, that photo looks like you stole my cat. Give him back!

Coaster Punchman said...

I would totally kiss that cat.