Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Go And Meander No More

During the summer, we get new books in the bookstore almost daily. Today brought two I enjoyed: The Rough Guide to Blogging and Johnny Depp: A Modern Rebel. From the blogging book, I learned that I've been doing this all wrong.

Blogs that focus on a niche tend to attract like-minded enthusiasts. A blog that meanders from personal life experiences, to cell phone reviews, to the state of the film industry, will read more like a journal.

Crap! I meander all the fucking time, although I never review cell phones (?!) or discuss the state of the film industry.

The Johnny Depp book was much more enjoyable. Meaghan and I flipped through it together for almost an hour, ooohing and ahhing. I didn't actually learn much from it because we only looked at the pictures, but I was reminded of how incredibly fucking hot Johnny Depp is.

See? Hot. Ever since 21 Jump Street, incredibly fucking hot.

So that's it. No more meandering. From now on, it's all Johnny Depp all the time.

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Brian said...

Johnny Depp digs Free Beer