Saturday, July 01, 2006

Overheard At The Corolla Farm Market

Rather Rotund Northern Man: (perusing the pastry selection) Yeah, I'll take a banana cream pie.

Farm Market Employee: I'm sorry, sir, we don't have any banana cream pie.

Rotundo: Whaddaya mean you don't have any banana cream pie? All these pies and you're out of banana cream pie?

Employee: We're not out of banana cream pie, sir. We just don't have any. We just have fruit pies.

Rotundo: Banana's a fruit.

Employee: Sir, we have peach pie, apple pie, rhubarb pie, blueberry pie, and a mixed fruit pie.

Rotundo: Well I'm looking for a banana cream pie!

Mrs. Rotundo: How about a peach pie, honey? You like peaches.

Rotundo: (to his wife) I don't want a peach pie. I want a banana cream pie! (to the employee) Listen, you better tell whoever owns this place that there's a lot of city people that come down here and we want our BANANA CREAM PIE. You're gonna lose a lot of business if you don't have banana cream pie!

Employee: (suppressing a giggle along with the urge to punch him) I'll be sure to mention that, sir.

Rotundo: (to his wife as they walk away pie-less) What the hell kinda place doesn't have banana cream pie?

And so it goes until Labor Day. Which is really too bad for the Rotundos because that mixed fruit pie is fucking awesome.


Steve said...

Further proof (like more was needed) that we are becoming a nation of pissed-off little Cartmans (South Park) who want their damn banana cream pies now!

Patrick said...

I like pie.

Brian said...

They should teach some kind of Manners classes in the schools in the North.

Or everyone should just grow up in the South. But not the Deep South.

lulu said...

I don't think Northerners have a patent on bad manners. And even if we did, I would much rather listen to a rude Northerner than have to spend 15 minutes listening to an overly polite Southerner drone on and one with out getting to the freakin' point.

Megan said...

Certainly bad manners abound throughout the country, and I noticed when I was in college with both Northerners and Southerners that we had very different ideas about what constituted 'rude.' I'm pretty sure that demanding banana cream pie when there clearly is no banana cream pie is rude no matter what the accent.

lulu said...

I agree completely.

Brian said...


If etiquette and decency means sticking around a bit longer for no apparent reason, I'll stick around.

Grant Miller said...

The dude has a point about banana cream pie. It's crazy delicious.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I love people who go on vacation, but want everything they encounter to be exactly the same as what they have at home.