Friday, September 29, 2006

Do You MySpace?

My students are always trying to convince me to get a MySpace. “Why?” I ask. “So you can be COOL!” they explain. I keep telling them I don’t understand MySpace and I’m already plenty cool, but they just won’t give up. They are also apparently concerned about the fact that I live (or “stay,” in their parlance) with a cat and not a man.

Kids: You need to get a MySpace!

Me: Why?

Kids: So you can be cool!

Kid 1: And you can meet tons of guys!

Me: I don’t wanna meet tons of guys on the internet.

Kid 2: You just wanna be stayin’ with them cats all your life?

Me: What?!

Kid 2: How many cats you got right now?

Me: Uh, one.

Kid 3: Well, 40 more years and you got a bunch more cats.

Me: Hey!


Me: Why do I need a MySpace anyway?

Kids: So we can send you messages and talk to you and stuff.

Me: I have a discussion board on my school webpage. Why don’t you (pronounced “wantchu”) hit me up there, yo?


Kids: It’s not the same!

Kid 3: We wanna be sendin’ you messages. Like, “Yo, what’re you doin’ on Saturday?”

Kid 2: And you be, “feedin’ my kittens.”
That reminds me. . .I need to pick up some cat food on my way home.


lulu said...

At least you are staying someplace, my kids "stay by"

Kid: I be staying by my auntie's.

Ms B. By? What? In the yard? Ask her if she'll let you in the house next time.

Megan said...

My kids ordinarily stay AT someplace.

And please stop distracting me from the feeding of the kittens.

lulu said...

Sorry, I didn't realize it took all of your mental powers to be feeding your kittens.

Maritza said...

I love: Yo what're doin' Saturday? and you be, "feedin' my kittens"!

That killed me.

Melissa said...

You're kids are fucking hysterical.

Megan said...

Lu: The house is FULL of kittens. It's not intellectually challenging, it just takes the better part of a Saturday.

And, yes, my kids are pretty funny. The funniest part is that they're not really trying to be.