Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Although I Have T-Shirts Attesting To The Sexiness of Both, I Can't Decide Which Is Sexier: Reading or Voting

Today was Election Day in the City of Norfolk (as well as throughout the rest of Tidewater). We elected new city council members and a new mayor. Well, actually, I suspect we elected the same old city council members and the same old mayor, but my point is that those were the offices in question.

So anyway, since democracy is not a spectator sport, I voted this evening. And what's more. . .I walked to the polling place. It's 0.4 miles from my house! I know I've lived in the city for almost a year now, but I still can't get over the number of places I'm able to walk to. Work, for starters. Plus numerous restaurants/bars (including Cogan's!), two wine shops, the movie theater, the video store, two coffee shops (one of which is Starbucks and therefore doesn't count since I'd never go in there anyway), the hospital, the bookstore, the health food store, two grocery stores, and lots of cute little shops I've never even been in.

I think we ought to add "walking" to my list of things that are sexy. It might even be sexier than voting.

Although. . .I noticed a seriously attractive guy (a "very nice boy my age") at the polling place this evening. Sadly, he drove away in an SUV, so I guess the sexiness of voting (and being hot) gets kind of cancelled out by the non-sexiness of driving an SUV. That's the trouble with boys these days. . .


Brian said...

Although I can dig a girl who enjoys her books, I'd have to go with the thinking that there are far more sexier art forms, aside form literature.

...art in the sense of a more visually-stimulating form; like photography, painting, sculpture, etc.

(I'm all about a girl that can take a kick-ass black and white photograph and develope the film and do all the printing and what not on her own. That shit's hot)

Melissa said...

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is that I am able to walk just about
anywhere I want to go. I seriously love not having a car.

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