Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lamest Protest Ever

According to an article in today's Virginian Pilot, about 50 people turned out yesterday to protest The Da Vinci Code:

The article says that most of the protesters recognize the DVC is a work of fiction and they just wanted to "encourage people to study the Bible to learn the truth." While I agree that the DVC itself is a fictional story, the religious part of it -- the part that people are so pissed about -- is probably not any more fictional than, say, the Bible.

The best part of yesterday's DVC protest? The original plan was to spell out "Jesus is Truth," but, um, not enough people showed up. And there was a heckler.


Brian said...

Is it just my screen is fucked up, or does that really look like it says "JESUB"?

Megan said...

Your screen is fucked up. Because it was made in 1990.