Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tempting, But No

I am not a baby person. I mean, I like babies well enough, but they don't really do much and I generally like to give them back to their parents once I've grown bored with them. I am not one of those women who gets all goofy and emotional around babies. I have never experienced what I call baby fever -- an intense yearning for a baby of one's own brought on by the mere sight of someone else's baby.

Today, though, I came very very close. I spent the afternoon cuddling my best friend's adorable 10 week old son. I really enjoyed this experience: he was so sweet and cuddly and soft, and he smelled so good and babyish. His little baby hands kept grasping mine and he kept nuzzling his little baby face into my neck. I wouldn't let anyone else hold him or let his mom put him down for a nap. I started to feel the faintest tickings of my own biological clock. Then he peed on me, and I thought, "You know, cats are nice."

And PS, yes, that is a beer in my non-baby-holding hand. A girl has to have her priorities.


Melissa said...

I actually LOVE babies, but I have yet to feel that desire for one of my own. Maybe in four or five years...

vikkitikkitavi said...

I look at that picture and I think "mmm...beer."