Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Okay, Who's In?

This was being passed around school today:

Apparently a "jump off" is a party. I didn't know this -- I had to ask my students. I strolled in to class waving the flyer as the bell rang and said, "Hey, what's a jump off?" The kids looked a little startled. One girl said sheepishly, "Um, it's like a trashy girl." "No, no," I said, "what if I were going to a jump off?" "Oh, that's like a party," they responded, relieved.

Even though ladies get in free (I like how that bit is in quotes -- like, is "ladies free, niggas $2" some sort of catch phrase I'm just not familiar with? What are those quotation marks for?!), and I'll be able to find the jump off simply by following the music, I don't think I'll be going. Why? Well, I'm not much of a dancer, and the flyer specifically states, "If you ain't gone dance don't bring yo ass!!!" That's three exclamation points, so I think he means business.

But if you want to go, feel free to hit Omar up. As long as you have him on the phone, tell him the dollar signs go before the numbers.


Brian said...

Not to mention where the paranthesis are it should read:

(If ain't gone dance, don't bring yo ass), not

(If you ain't gone dance)
don't bring yo ass

*Notice the placement of the paranthesis*

Silly Omar, I'd like to hit him, but not by means of the telephone.

Brian said...

Actually, it should really say:

"(If you ain't gonna dance, don't bring your ass)"

I guess that wouldn't be 'gangsta' enough though, and we all know how cool gangstas are.

Now I'd really like to hit Omar


Megan said...

See, you're not appreciating the humor inherent in the Jump Off flyer. Instead of being angry about various mistakes with parentheses and spelling and whatnot, you could just be laughing. I assure you Omar meant both "gone" and "yo," pronounced exactly as they're spelled ("gone" with a long O like "tone" or "bone" or "phone").

Brian said...

Oh, I got the humor part of it, it's just not that funny.

And this is the problem with the kids are going to be running the country eventually, they are either gangsters or they want to be gangsters.

That's not funny.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I sent The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks a link to this post.

Check 'em out.