Saturday, September 16, 2006

I’m Actually Somewhat Articulate When Sober

I’m at my parents’ beach house this weekend for what was supposed to be a family reunion. Many family members backed out at the last minute, including my sister. I, however, am not the backing-out type (unless we’re taking about weddings) so I was doing some serious drinking with my cousin Kate last night. I was also, judging by the message I left my sister, waxing philosophical about skinny dipping in the community pool, a practice we and our girlfriends have been engaging in since we were teenagers.

Hey. I was just tryin’ to explain, like, the beauty of the community pool and it. . .it wasn’t really goin’ over well and then I realized, you know, how much I missed you and how, like, you know. . . community pool, no community pool. . .there’s somethin' to be said for like, oh and by the way I’m drunk, but there’s somethin' to be said for like the whole you and me thing and the whole like, you know (unintelligible whispering) um, so, oh and Kate says we’re gonna keep callin’ you back until you answer but don’t worry it’s like two o'clock in the mornin' so we’re not gonna do that ‘cause I'munna [I am going to] go to sleep.

But so like you know, the POOL and, like, the whole takin’ your clothes off and jumpin’ in the pool when you don’t have the “appropriate permission” to do so. . . like, there’s somethin’ to be said for the FUN of that that’s kinda lost on, like, people who are all about doin’ the right thing or whatever. ‘Cause I am actually all about doin’ the right thing but I’m not all about payin’ my money to jump in the community pool.

So anyway, uh, yeah, I’m drunk. Okay bye. I love you. Bye.

(several seconds of silence)

And you didn’t answer for the record no bye.


Brian said...

Oh, two o'clock in the morning was definitely NOT your last phone call. You called me around 3:30 (and a couple dozen times before that as well, I think).

Anonymous said...

The Drunk Dialing rears its ugly head. I hope you confined your calls to family members and didn't start calling exBFs.

Before the days of caller ID, my friend Jane and I used to call people we knew, and sometimes people we didn't know, and sing "Seasons in the Sun" *very* loudly into the phone. I have no idea why people stayed friends with us.

Noonan said...

I, personally, am glad to finally see the proper spelling of I'munna. I've often wondered how that goes.
Glad that there was some fence-jumping. Good times, I'm sure. :)

lulu said...

that was me, by the way. It refused to let me log in as other, damn Blogger Beta.

Megan said...

Brian: You know, you could have picked up any one of those 5 times!

anon/Lu: My drunk dialing was indeed confined to family members -- only my brother and sister had the pleasure of hearing from me throughout the night. And I knew it was you by the *very*.

Noonan: Actually, as you know, I say it more like "uhmunna." At some point I should probably start behaving like a grown-up.

Laura said...

For the record, I did not back out at the last minute. I said from the beginning that I wasn't going!

Coaster Punchman said...

Drinking & dialing is a dangerous sport. Although it wouldn't be for me, because I talk that way when I'm sober. It's only in writing that I can string two sentences together.

Megan said...

Laura: minor details. . .

CP: Even I don't know what I'm talking about here. And the rest of the family assures me I made no mention of either skinny dipping or the community pool until I left this rambling message.