Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School, By the Numbers

hours slept on back-to-school eve

hours spent at school today

students who hope to earn an A in my class

student hoping for a D or better

students who don't know what they want to learn in class this year

student who thinks I don't know is spelled iono

student who wants to learn stuff he copied word-for-word from my syllabus

minutes that elapsed between the time the dismissal bell rang and the time I changed back into my flip-flops and removed my bra (TMI?)

minutes spent IMing with Lulu after school when we should have been working

meals I ate before walking over to the No Frill for take-out after work

times I have resolved not to subsist on take-out this year

several dozen
schoolteachers whose take-out orders the bartender said he'd already filled

minutes before I'm going to bed


Melissa said...

I would say a solid 1/2 of my shirts are the kind I can go bra-less in. I'd go topless if that were an option.

Grant Miller said...

Will everyday be like this?

*thanks for explaining the beta switch etc. for your comments. I'd nearly given up!

Maritza said...

And its only just begun! I always hated those "What do you expect to get from this class" question. Now that I'm older, wiser and know what adults want to hear I can answer it, but as a clueless 16 year old who barely finished high school - I would have written iono too.

Remind me to blog about how I was expelled from high school and yet turned into a productive citizen...There's hope in some of those students!

Megan said...

Melissa: We're kindred spirits then.

Grant Miller: No. Some days I won't even bother with a bra in the first place.

Maritza: Looking forward to hearing about that. And there wasn't anything I wanted to hear, except what the kids actually think. If they don't know, that's what I want to hear.

landolulu said...

We were multi-tasking, so it wasn't wasted time. Besides, you're a teacher, I'm a teacher, it was really professional development.