Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tighten Up, Norfolk!

Port Folio, our alternative weekly, recently reported that Norfolk ranked 26th on the Forbes list of America's 35 drunkest cities. 26 out of 35. That is a piss-poor showing, my fellow Norfolkians. I mean Providence friggin Rhode Island is ahead of us. Like WAY ahead.

Some of us are doing more than our fair share of drinking. We're certainly not complaining -- in fact, we rather like it -- but if the rest of you would get on board with this whole drunkenness thing maybe we could make it into the top 20 next year. Lord knows we have plenty of fine establishments in which to consume copious amounts of alcohol. For cheap, even!

I certainly haven't been to every bar in the city, but one could easily contribute to Norfolk's overall drunkenness just by frequenting my three favorite hangouts. Cogan's has an awesome weekday happy hour, with Abita Turbodog for $2.50 on Tuesdays and Purple Haze for $2.50 on Thursdays. Colley Cantina's happy hour includes $2 domestics and $2.50 imports all week long. And O'Sullivan's has $1 PBRs all day on Mondays and $1.50 Coronas on Thursdays.

Not to mention all those posh places downtown. I'm sure they have some sort of happy hour too, I just can't say for sure, what with that being totally not my scene.

But let's not lose focus here. The important thing, Norfolkians, is that you get out there and start drinking. And it's 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Let's roll!


Coaster Punchman said...

I'm proud to say that I have lived in 4 of these 35 cities. That would be more than 11% of the country's drunkest cities.

Brian said...

Hmm, dollar PBRs.

All I can see is Taco Tuesday at Tortugas; dollar tacos AND dollar PBRs. I mean really, how can you beat that?

Lulu said...

Number 6 Baby, Number 6.

I always knew Chicago had something to br proud of.

Megan said...

CP: Nice work! I think I can only claim two unless San Diego is on there. I can't remember what-all's on the list, and I'm at home with the dial-up so forget going through it again!

Brian: That is indeed a sweet sweet deal.

Lulu: Lucky girl! But watch yourself for next year!

Melissa said...

We seriously need to hang out. That comment of it being 4:00 on a Saturday was the final push I needed to know we should definitely become sisters-in-law. Or at least friends in person.

Megan said...

Last I checked you were about to cut me! But yeah, when's the next time you're in Norfolk? :)