Thursday, August 03, 2006

Message From My Students

Received 12:31 AM, 07.03.06
(background party noise)
girl's voice: Miss [my last name]. . .
different girl's voice: Miss [my last name]!
1st girl's voice: It's Megan and Brendan. . .and Megan
(giggling, then background party noise)
guy's voice: Why are you asleep?!
(lots of laughing and yelling)
different guy's voice: It's game time, bitch!
1st girl's voice: I'm just kidding! You're not a bitch! We love you, [my last name]!


lulu said...

Which is exactly why my students don't have my phone number.

Megan said...

Must be nice! Something to work on for next year?

Melissa said...

Gotta love when your students are out, underage drinking, and talking about how cool you are.