Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sleeping Arrangements

Okay honey, here's the deal. There's my side of the bed and your side of the bed. I know you can sleep damn near anywhere, but I can't. I don't sleep well on your side and I don't sleep well when you're on my side. Usually you're pretty good about this, but over the past few weeks you've been slowly encroaching on my side. Until early EARLY this morning, when I rolled over and discovered you had completely taken over my pillow, leaving no room for me. And I know I pushed you and whined, "get back on your own pillow" as you yawned and stretched, and I know that was pretty bitchy. But did you have to get up and go sleep on the couch?

I was so lonely.


lulu said...

She does look just like my Bob, who is also a bed hog. What a sweetie.

Melissa said...

My black cat, Voltaire, loves to sleep right beside my head on one of my pillows. Thing is, he can never make up his mind as to which pillow he wants it to be. So inevitably, at some point during the night, I'll roll over and land squarely on him and will get a loud scream of displeasure right in my ear. Not to mention my other cat and my roommate's dog who also like to sleep with me. Dang spoiled brats.

Maritza said...

I wish my cat, La Kitty would hog the bed! Sometimes, if I'm very lucky, she may sleep near my feet.

You should send this photo to Cute Overload.