Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow, Caring About The Environment Really IS Inconvenient

Just as I was closing the bookstore tonight, a lady came in with her two little girls. Five minutes later they brought their purchase up to the counter: An Inconvenient Truth. I chatted with the lady as rang her up and waited for her credit card to go through.

Lady: I didn't realize this was a book too.

Me: Really? Have you seen the movie?

Lady: No. I really want to but I live in Richmond. Have you?

Me: I haven't had a chance.

Lady: Do they show it down here?

Me: (laughing) Um, no.

Lady: Well people are a bit more liberal here than they are in Richmond. It's supposed to be a great movie.

Me: I've heard it's very powerful.

Lady: Apparently once you see it you want to run right out and start recycling or something.

Me: Yeah. (looking at the book) Poor Al Gore. He has such a good heart but nobody really pays attention to him because he's such a nerd.

Lady: I just love Al Gore.

Me: Me too. Do you need a bag for that?

Lady: Yes please.
See, Al Gore called his truth "inconvenient" because after you learn it you're supposed to modify your life in ways that make it, you know, less convenient. Like maybe not carrying your book on environmentalism home in a plastic bag.

I SO hope she recycles that bag!


vikkitikkitavi said...

I know, okay, point taken. But with very few exceptions, I would not want to subject my precious book purchases to the nastiness that is the inside of my purse without some kind of protective layer in between.

However, ALL my plastic bags get recycled as dog poop receptacles.

So there's that.

Brian said...

Does it still count as recycling if it ends up in a landfill anyways?

Megan said...

Reused then.

wonderturtle said...

In her defense, she hadn't actually read the book yet. Maybe next time you see her she will be... using the library! ;)

Brian said...

I think the point was, she's buying a book about how we're killing the environment, but she wants to carry it around in a bag she's going to throw in the trash when she gets to her house, if it doesn't get trown out the window of their SUV or minivan first.

We've got hands, thumbs even.

Megan said...

No no no! She was going to recycle it! She was!

And she wasn't driving an SUV, or even a minivan. She was a very nice lady. She just didn't make the environment-plastic bag connection. Obviously the bookstore owner doesn't either, or he'd be buying us the PAPER bags, which is a whole different environmental ball of wax.

And WT makes a good point about the li-berry. If we were all incredibly good environmentalists, we'd read a book and then give it back for others to read. But what fun would that be? And what would we use to decorate our living rooms?

vikkitikkitavi said...

I should invite people all over the world (or maybe just in the Valley) to send me their plastic bags. 'Cause my dogs shit a lot.

I'm not kidding. A lot.

Anonymous said...

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