Sunday, August 13, 2006

Three Thoughts On Fascism, Islamic And Otherwise

  1. Am I the only one who finds it ironic to hear our current president, who's a bit of a fascist himself, sanctimoniously declare that "this nation is at war with Islamic fascists," as if Mr. "I don't do nuance" is suddenly able to detect non-existent nuances between Islamic fascism and his own brand of Christian fascism? I know Islamic fascists are bad because they're constantly trying to blow us up, but how 'bout 40,000 civilian casualties in Iraq? We're blowing people up too, and what the fuck's the difference?

  2. In a recent column about combating "the Islamofascist plague," FOX "News" favorite Cal Thomas asserted that "it is long past the time when we [the US] need to start 'playing' the equivalent of smash-mouth football with these people" and drew the following analogy:

    Health officials respond to plagues by isolation and eradication. Their objective is not only to control the spread of a disease, but also to kill it so it won't infect others. If that is an effective method for combating a plague, why is it not also a good strategy for combating the islamofascist plague?

    Well, Cal, because no medical professional with half a brain would expect to eradicate a disease without identifying its causes and figuring out how to make sure people don't contract it in the first place. So either your analogy is stupid or you are. Also, I'm really not sure why you put those quotation marks around 'playing.'

  3. Lastly, and just for fun, here's a cartoon about Ann Coulter, that fascist bitch.

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Brian said...

1. The difference, of course, is that Bush has daily conference calls with god. And god hates Muslims, so it's okay to bomb the shit out of them.

Plus, Christians are saved no matter what, and will sit at the table with Christ when they die, despite the fact that they have no fucking idea what god actually wants from them.

2. People who work for FOX "news" are retarded. So are their analogies

3. Ann-fucking-Coulter is an evil, evil bitch, and I don't even like calling women bitches. But she owns that shit.

Grant Miller said...

I like how you put necessary quotation marks around Fox "news."

Unclejbird said...

Great McLaughlin Group yesterday in which, can you believe it, Pat Buchanan decried Bush's lumping together of all Muslims.

Laura said...

Dude, watching Fox "news" is like reading the National Inquirer to keep up with what is going on in the world!